Nebula Fighter XL v1.1.0 released

A major overhaul has been done to Nebula Fighter, now renamed as Nebula Fighter XL. The standard gameplay has been increased from 1-2 minutes up to 5-10 minutes, depending on difficulty level. This latest release adds several quality of life improvements, improved graphics, ai for player 2, new weapons, ships, and engine types, as well as many fixes.



  • code optimisation
  • fixed powup drop help color
  • fixed powerup border drawing
  • fixed background color for ui elements
  • fixed slowdown for high number of particles
  • fixed orbs firing after game over
  • fixed ships spawning 8>x<120
  • fixed beam damage
  • fixed beam vfx
  • fixed multishot not working at high fire rate
  • fixed bomb flicker (when bombs above potential target)
  • updated powerup dropped by boss
  • updated powerup rate to match length of game
  • updated powerup list based on player ship
  • updated explosions (bigger explosions for death)
  • updated ship graphics
  • added new stages (x5)
  • added new ships: 4 more player ships
  • added new ship movement patterns
  • added new boss attack patterns
  • added new jumps: hyperspace & charge (move quicker, damaging move)
  • added new weapon: minigun (v.low damage/high output)
  • added new weapon: chaff spray (standard weapon with periodic chaff)
  • added ai for player 2
  • added powup engines upgrade
  • added cooldown for ship engines
  • added vfx shot exhaust
  • added improved menu ui
  • added incoming warning (while ship offscreen)
  • added enemy shot correction for higher difficulties
  • added demo adds weapon upgrades
  • added demo skips to stage 5
  • added new best scores for different scenarios


  • fixed warp avoids enemies
  • fixed menu layout
  • fixed 2nd player target
  • fixed spawn location of ships
  • added powup effect to homing shot
  • added autoattract to nearby powups
  • added display ship limits
  • added ship limits to stats

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Jun 05, 2021

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