Nebula Fighter v1.0.9 released

Nebula Fighter v1.0.9 is out now and available on A quick paced shoot-em-up lasting between one to two minutes of gameplay with powerups, game completion timer, multiple enemy types, and two boss type ships. Ideal for quick sessions trying to improve on your previous best times.

This latest release adds many quality of life improvements, improved graphics, several fixes, and new powerups to supercharge your ship.

**Change log: **


  • fixed warp avoids enemies
  • fixed menu layout
  • fixed 2nd player target
  • fixed spawn location of ships
  • added powup effect to homing shot
  • added autoattract to nearby powups
  • added display ship limits
  • added ship limits to stats


  • fixed homing shots
  • fixed collision detection
  • fixed menu layout
  • added beam vfx
  • added special weapon powerup (beam damage and extra radials)
  • added orb destroyed when hit by shot
  • added y axis limit for enemy shots


  • added drop pickup rotation
  • added new menu system layout
  • added easy/medium/hard modes


  • added simple mode


  • added alternative controls
  • added toggle screen shake


  • added background cycle

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Apr 30, 2021

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