Space Station: Alpha v1.2 launched (post Ludum Dare version)

Space Station: Alpha v1.2 is out now and available on Space Station: Alpha is a retro style survival horror game, where a lone survivor of an accident needs to find a way to escape the decaying station and avoid an seemingly immortal alien. You need to balance your resources of O2, power, and ammo as you carefully explore to find the tools and materials to repair broken machines to escape.

Originally released for Ludum Dare 46 "Keep it alive" using Pico-8 by Lexaloffle. Since then the game has undergone two major updates, first to include an interactive tutorial, then finally to include two new modes; 5x5 map and the Daily Run (including an additional 9 new rooms).

The 3x3 and 4x4 maps are playable in the browser for free. If you enjoyed them and want more then the two new modes are included with the downloads for $1.49, available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi.

Files (all versions) 6 MB
Oct 01, 2020 (windows version) 1 MB
Oct 01, 2020 (linux version) 663 kB
Oct 01, 2020 (mac version) 3 MB
Oct 01, 2020 (raspberry pi version) 1 MB
Oct 01, 2020

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