PicoQuest v1.2.3 launched

PicoQuest v1.2.3 is out now and available on Itch.io. PicoQuest, an 8bit retro isometric rpg, draws its inspiration from the classic board game HeroQuest. Choose one of four heroes, proficient in sword and magic to fight against the evil forces, your chosen hero must brave the unknown and triumph. The game will see you needing to balance your health, magic, items, and the need for gold to buy equipment, against your ability to complete your objective.

The free-to-play browser and demo versions come with one free module, Darkness Rising, which consists of six scenarios to play through with your four different characters. If you enjoyed them and want more, the premium version contains two new modules, Goblins March! and Tomb of Night, giving an additional twelve scenarios for $1.49. 


premium_picoquest_v1-2-3.zip (all versions) 6 MB
Oct 24, 2020
premium_picoquest_v1-2-3_windows.zip (windows version) 1 MB
Oct 24, 2020
premium_picoquest_v1-2-3_linux.zip (linux version) 669 kB
Oct 24, 2020
premium_picoquest_v1-2-3_osx.zip (mac version) 3 MB
Oct 24, 2020
premium_picoquest_v1-2-3_raspi.zip (raspberry pi version) 1 MB
Oct 24, 2020

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