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Hi! I need a simple .png file for this game (bought the full version). Because I play Pico8 games on my Anbernic Handheld. The .png files in the folders doesn't work. :-(

For NOG Arcade I’ve uploaded the pico-8 png file as a source code file.

i found a bug in the demo what if you touch all the buttons rapidly u can maybe play some of the premium games  (don´t know if thats a bad fact)

XD ah well, I was planning on adding some more tweet games to it (and expand on the free games a bit) at some later point. Thanks for the note, i will reproduce the bug and put in a fix. Seems like my time scale might have been bumped up a little.

oh and other thing just if is useful is what the bug i discover just works on the premium game ''burglar'' and i don´t know why

I think what is going on is in the update code, when you cycle through the games for a moment when you change game the loading prevention checks the if its the previous game, then updates the index, then attempts the load the game at the current index thus bypassing the security. I tried to prevent this but looks like i got the order of the code wrong. But thank you again, should make it easier to track down precisely and debug.

I tracked down the specific issue, so if you can press the button to play a game and then change game in the exact same frame it will allow you to play as it performs the checks on the currently displayed game before scrolling to the next one. Thank you for bug report, code is fixed and it’ll be included in the next update when I have time.