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If I buy I can use it in commercial projects

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Did you already buy the soundtrack? Let me think about, I had originally planned this for just a Soundtrack and hadn't considered this.

yes, I bought it, and if you can answer me as soon as possible, I need it for my Christmas game, if you want I can add credits,

At work at the moment, I will email some details when I am done.

I've sent an email, should give you access to a new project I've set up for licensed versions of the music. It should give you a free copy. The project contains MP3 and WAV formats of the songs. Download these ones and use them for your Christmas game, a credit would be nice but not required. If there are any issues email me back.

Thank you .. and yes I will leave credits !! Thank you very much, it helped me a lot !!<3

No worries, it just surprised me that someone wanted to potentially use it so I wanted some time to think about it plus took about 2 hours to set up the page XD Let me know about your game when it's done!