Reel Explorers v1.0 released

Reel Explorers is a short slots experience.

The games include a progressive jackpot and all progress is saved between sessions and keeps running stats amongst all your games.

The premium version includes an RPG-Lite slots game in which the player heads off to find treasures. Beware beggars and bandits who steal your money, or monsters that slowly diminish your health. In addition to this a classic styled slots game is included.

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Mar 07, 2022
Reel Explorers Demo - All versions 6 MB
Mar 07, 2022 (windows version) 957 kB
Mar 07, 2022 (linux version) 716 kB
Mar 07, 2022 (mac version) 3 MB
Mar 07, 2022 (raspberry pi version) 2 MB
Mar 07, 2022

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